Friday, January 4, 2013

A Walk Along the Bay

Just because we wanted to walk around a section of San Diego.

That was our reason for heading to Seaport Village, a 14-acre waterfront shopping, dining and entertainment complex recreating a harbor side setting of a century ago.

We covered about a quarter of the "four miles of meandering cobblestone pathways bordered by ponds, lakes, fountains and colorful, lush landscaping" (

Along the quarter mile boardwalk along San Diego Bay, we came across this couple and their photographer. We guessed it may have been a wedding, but there were no other people in the party, and we were not familiar with the meaning of the masks.

The boardwalk connects the Convention Center, the Manchester Grand Hyatt, and the Midway Museum. Along the route are some 54 one-of-a-kind shops, one of which was Kite Flite. These colorful wind catchers kept our attention for several minutes.

And around one of the bends in the walk was this flier and his kite.

Then we came across the beautifully restored 1895 Looff Carousel. "Looff, the earliest and most successful of the Coney Island carousel builders, started in Coney Island, New York, and then moved his factory to Crescent Park in East Providence, Rhode Island, where his showpiece carousel still operates.

Hand-carved in 1895, this carousel features 54 animals, including two horse-drawn chariots and

a dragon, giraffe, teddy bear and lion" (

Our walk provided the opportunity to photograph some details of the sights we passed. This "sign," featuring a surfer and a wave outside a shop, was a work of art.

Another work of art, as I saw it, was the scene created by the arrangement of clay tiles on this building's roof.

A walk on the pier where working boats docked presented these photos (right and below) of the "tools" of the trade of the men who work these boats.

At different points along the boardwalk, we were presented with different views of sea-going vessels. In the distance is the aircraft carrier USS Midway.

This working boat provided an interesting structural contrast with one of the high rise buildings near Seaport Village.

The Spirit of San Diego offers excursions around the Bay, and

the Big Kahuna offers the luxury inherent in travel by yacht.
All in all, a pretty good walk.

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