Friday, January 11, 2013

Ready to Move On

As we wind down our stay in San Diego, we take time to put together a few photos of the city.

One day we went looking for a bakery located in the Hillcrest section of San Diego.
"Hillcrest is a walkable neighborhood with caf├ęs, restaurants, and shops near the main residential pockets. (NOTE: For us with the truck, the walking distance was increased due to difficulty in finding a parking space.)

"Lack of parking is a major problem in this area. By one estimate, Hillcrest is at least 100 spaces short of meeting the demand for parking, and the deficit could increase to 750 spaces by 2025. The parking shortage is so acute that the opening of a new 36-space parking lot in June 2010 was front-page news" (,_San_Diego).
"Nestled uptown from San Diego’s bustling downtown district is the trendy and hip neighborhood of Hillcrest. A hub of locally owned businesses, visitors will find a diverse and eclectic collection of boutiques, thrift stores, diners, restaurants and bars. Hillcrest offers an authentic, local San Diego vibe, where locals and travelers alike mingle to enjoy the colorful community offerings" (
"Hillcrest, home to San Diego’s gay and lesbian community, is an exciting uptown district that celebrates diversity year-round. Strolling along its main thoroughfares, University Avenue and the tree-lined Fifth Avenue, guests are eased by the community’s openness, hospitality and quaint neighborhood charm. Hillcrest celebrates San Diego’s hip and wild side with a mix of exotic bistros, eclectic coffee houses and cafes, urban-style boutiques, nightspots and so much more" (

"Since 1995, Bread & Cie Wholesale has baked rustic European artisan breads on stone-hearth ovens for all leading San Diego restaurants, hotels, and markets. Our distinctive line of hand-made pastries, sweet baked goods, croissants and other vienoisserie is now also available for wholesale" (
Two trolley trips into downtown San Diego to attend the International Auto Show and to walk around Seaport Village took us to the Convention Center (below, left).
Around the Convention Center were these high rise buildings.
I'm not sure if these were hotels or apartments and condos, but they were magnificent contributions to San Diego's skyline.

And this sunset in, appropriately, Sun City, provided a gorgeous farewell to the scenes of the San Diego area.

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