Monday, September 30, 2013

Blame it on Typhoon Pabuk

We interrupt our writings about Jacksonville, OR, to provide a real-time status report.

Traveling from Woodland, WA, to Port Townsend, WA, should not take a lot of planning--only 188 miles--but it has

First of all, rain and high winds delayed our trip one day.

Typhoon Pabuk, which hit the West Pacific earlier in the week, was blamed for the record amounts of rain in northern Oregon and southern Washington.

Astori, WA, set records for the wettest September (Astoria recorded 10.1 inches during from Sept. 1-29, the most since records were started in 1890 and a drastic increase from the city's "climatological normal" of 2.14 inches). The city also set records for the most rainfall in one day, in two days, and in three days.

In addition to the rain, sustained winds of 50 mph to 60 mph were reported throughout the region over the weekend, with 70- to 80-mph gusts along the coasts and in the mountains of both states. Some 20,000 were without power in the region.

And today our reservation in Port Townsend could not be filled because of problems, so we had to search nearby towns for an RV park vacancy. We found the last available site in Gilgal Oasis in Sequim, WA.

All this is to say that after a drive through rain and reservation problems, we are really tired; so we'll resume our regular postings tomorrow.

Oh, by the way, did I mention there was a tornado this morning in Frederickson, near Tacoma.

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