Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Through the Fog, Clearly

Continuing our walk along the ocean in Point Lobos State Natural Reserve located just south of Carmel, CA.
We had arrived early enough one morning to see the park wrapped in fog.
We had been to the park before and had been mesmerized by waves crashing against the large rocks along the coast.
But the combination of fog and calm seas prompted a search for new subjects.
Our photographic shift was to the shore and its plant and animal life. By chance, a small lizard appeared on the rock directly below the flower in the photo below.
Walks along Bird Trail and South Shore Trail found the scenes shown in the photos in today's entry.
The overcast conditions enabled the subtle yellows, golds, and whites stand out more against rocks and other foliage.
The more of these colorful hidden gems we discovered, our disappointment at not seeing waves crashing against sun-soaked rocks lessened.

Even with fog and overcast skies, the beauty of Point Lobos shines through.

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