Sunday, March 30, 2014

Dawn on Galveston Island

We had been in our Galveston campsite for about four days before we were able to see the sun rise. On a couple of mornings, the morning fog lasted well into mid-morning; on the other days, the clouds lasted all day. So, on the next two days, we could take advantage of our RV's location--about twenty yards from the shore of the Gulf of Mexico--to record the activity at dawn.

While watching the sky begin to brighten, over my shoulder I could see the lingering full moon over a sand dune.
The crew of this shrimp boat was already hard at work.
Pre-dawn joggers and
dog walkers were also enjoying the fog-free morning.
The only sounds this early were the surf and the gulls. I cannot imagine ever growing tired of this morning duet.

Add to the "music" of this duet, the rapid movement of these shorebirds as they searched for food as each wave stretched onto the shore and I feel blessed to be in the audience of this early morning performance.
A group of task-oriented walkers joined the morning activity. Maybe some prefer the sounds produced by metals being detected to those of Mother Nature.
Then the sun appeared and the morning show began.

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