Saturday, March 1, 2014

Most Beautiful Sunsets

I've said it before. I think the most beautiful sunsets that we've seen in our travels west of the Mississippi have been in New Mexico.
It may be because of the locations of the RV parks we stay in, but the open spaces provide views that seem to cover the entire western horizon--from due south to due north.
If clouds are present during the setting of the sun, the added dimension of the colors extend to directly overhead. Thus about half of the sky is filled with the brilliance of the sunset.

And, if mountains are present in the east, such as the Organ Mountains here east of Las Cruces, they provide a muted, but colorful, addition to the day's last sunlight.
To compare my impressions with others on the subject of the beauty of New Mexico sunsets, I checked comments on

The online comments and reactions began with pintada kid:
"I love taking pics of Sunsets and Sunrises but the Sunsets are very Spectacular and last longer then the Sunrises. My favorite Spot to take pictures is Willard N.M. by the Salt lakes that is the very center of N.M. and the Salt lakes and the Spectacular view of the Mesas and Mountains is breathtaking. Weather Forecasters say that New Mexico has the Most Beautiful Sunsets of anyplace in the World. The Spectacular, Purple, Orange, Red, Yellow and other Colors are Great with the Mesas in the Background."
dracul followed: "NOW I can finally agree with you on something kid! Gotta concur on the unbelievable color of the Land of Enchantment! Very beautiful place."
towanda added: "I agree with you Pintada Kid - the New Mexico sunsets are the most spectacular of anyplace I have ever lived."
"The sunset viewed from my front door (Londonderry, NH) can be spectacular this time of year but I must admit NM has way more beautiful sunsets," was GregW's comment.
bacich wrote: "I agree. It's different each night depending on the clouds and weather. The sky is so big here. Sometimes I feel like I can touch the stars."
Vinegaroon joined the list of enthusiasts, with a slight reservation: "New Mexico has stunning sunsets. Other places I have been where I thought the sunsets were spectacular are Greece and Hawaii, albeit a different hue because of the ocean.'

The last glimpse of sunlight created an entirely different display of colors overhead.

The night before we left Las Cruces, we were presented with this encore sunset for our enjoyment.

The next morning we began our two-day, 550-mile journey across the open spaces of west Texas.


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