Friday, October 16, 2009

A Good Day

It seems that something as simple as changing the dressing and bandage on the incision had a significant effect. It must have been wrapped in an awkward fashion and was causing a stabbing pain. New wrap, No pain. A good day for walking, shich helps drain the fluid around the lung.

She had the first signs of an appetitue, also. So today was a pretty good day.

We're told that lab test results are slow in getting back to several physicians, so no word for another day (or three).


Reina said...

I am so glad to hear that Kate is improving day by day. If you have to extend your stay in any one place, Albequrque (I know I spelled that wrong) is a great place to be--mild, warm, great arts and crafts community... I am sure you both will find lots to occupy yourselves with beyond the healing process. Thanks for posting regular updates--I make sure they get passed on to other family members too!

With continued prayers and much love, Reina and family.

mcraywood said...

Please let Kate know that she - as well as you - are in our thoughts and prayers daily. Hate to think of our esteemed Food Critic eating hospital food so, since we have an address, can we ship her anything from "back home?" How about something from Trader Joe's or another of her favorite shops?
It is so good to hear that Kate is improving!
Warm Wishes, Mary from Wycombe