Sunday, October 25, 2009

O.R. and the Soup Can

Well, based on my three-minute instruction on changing the dressing and bandages, I believe Kate's healing process is proceeding nicely. She's even vowing to get back to work soon.

I've been preparing some simple, bland meals, e.g., pancakes (mix) and potato soup (scratch), but since Kate's taste buds seem to be affected by the medication, she will not be awarding Addies for these preparations.

Now when preparing my recipe for potato soup, I use one can of cream of celery soup, among other ingredients. An incident occurred after emptying the can that created a bit of concern. A curious kitten with a one-month history of scavenging for food and an empty soup can is not a good combination.

I heard some banging sounds soon after lunch and found O.R. Deal (the 3-month-old kitten we found two months ago hanging by one paw that was caught between a group of stack chairs in Hanford, CA) with his head caught in the empty soup can.

Since beginning our travels, I have been carrying a small camera with me at all times. However, I did not have it handy at this time. But even if I had it right at hand, I was too concerned about O.R.'s welfare to take a photo or even laugh.

We got the can off O.R.'s head, and then had a good laugh. It broke the slow routine around the RV.

(I did entertain the idea of putting the can back on O.R.'s head, but I thought you would all take my word for this.)

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