Monday, October 12, 2009

Good Surgical Day

Well, there is some very good news on Kate's health, but she will be in the hospital for another seven days. The pulmonary surgeon drained about two liters of liquid from her chest in surgery that lasted about two hours. This fluid showed clear signs of an infection, but it will be another 48 hours before more is known. His comment was, “She has a strong constitution to have been putting up with the effects of that infection.”

At this point, the surgeon believe it was caused by pneumonia that built up fluids in her lung, and that this fluid "leaked out" of the lung into the area around the lung.

Kate was on a respirator all day and was given sedatives to help her sleep. Her vital signs were monitored by a nurse who was in the room with her all day.


Sandy@Perris, CA said...

So sorry to hear about Kate. Glad the doctors found the problem and took care of it. Our thoughts are with both of you at this time and we pray for Kate's speedy recovery.

Sandy@Perris, CA

Reina said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with you as well! I have passed this news on to my mom and she sends much love as well. Thanks for the update, and keep us posted if there is anything we can do for either of you!