Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Well, well. Kate is discharged, but, boy, it sure wasn't easy.

Without focusing on the frustrating examples, suffice it to say that it took longer than expected, and this was followed by a delay in the arrival of the Oxygen Man at the RV. He was to provide a Concentrator, a machine to, basically, pull oxygen out of the air to supply Kate with oxygen.

But she's home and happy to be sleeping in familiar suroundings without tubes.

However, it's going to be some time before visiting sites and restaurants without a tank of O2 accompanying us.


mcraywood said...

Welcome home Kate! There is no better feeling and place for healing than in one's own home. Your devoted public can now give a big collective sigh of relief. Best wishes to you, Chuck and the cats!
Mary from Wycombe

Reina said...

We are glad to hear you are home! Rest up and take things slow; let your body do what it knows best how to do--heal and regenerate!

Continued love and prayers are being sent your way.

Reina and family