Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A "Goldilocks" Sunrise

In the course of planning the route our travels will take, finding the right RV park is the biggest challenge. Finding a camp site that has the basic requirements is very satisfying, but when we find one that has something special about the location or the campground staff, we feel very fortunate.
Such was the case with Dellanera RV Park in Galveston. Not just a view of the Gulf of Mexico, but right on the Gulf. And sunrises over the Gulf are really special.
Special, that is, when we have a "Goldilocks Sunrise"--a sunrise with no clouds has beautiful color, but it's not mesmerizing; one that occurs on a totally cloudy morning has neither color nor rays peeking through small openings in the clouds; but a sunrise that is "just right," has open skies revealing the deep blues, bright yellows, and brilliant oranges and clouds to add depth to the scene and contrasting shades to the colors.
With the glorious greeting from the heavens awaiting us campers, the twenty-yard walk to the dunes became a regular morning constitutional (albeit a very brief one).
On the mornings when everything was "just right," we were joined by other campers
and feathered friends.
And every morning soon after sunrise, a flock of pelicans extended a welcome to us as they headed to their dawn destination.
I had wanted to anticipate their fly-over and photograph them flying toward us, but either they flew very quietly or I was too caught up with the sunrises, so I was never able to get a head-on photo.
There may be a nascent "birder" trapped inside, because I really want to get some close-up photos of pelicans--and the blue heron.
So, the quest will continue.

But in the meantime, we will content ourselves with capturing the artistry of sunrises.

As the sun rose, the cooler midday colors arrived.

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