Monday, May 27, 2013

On Hiatus

We will be taking a 4-6 week hiatus from our travels for some minor surgery and recovery. In the course of a routine physical and some follow-up tests, we learned that I (Chuck) have a small malignant lesion on one kidney that needs to be removed. I will have surgery on Wednesday and then spend the next 4-6 weeks in recovery. The good news is that this lesion was found early.

Please keep checking back with us.


Reina said...

I am so grateful it is nothing too serious and that it is being addressed. Sending you loving thoughts and big hugs!

mcraywood said...

Oh my gosh - I'm behind in my reading and just now found this bit of disconcerting news! Thank goodness it was discovered early and with a positive prognosis. We send you good wishes, prayers and love.
Hey - at least you are in one of your very favorite locations for your recovery!
Warm wishes from Wycombe,
Mary and David