Friday, May 10, 2013

The Festival Winds Down

Over the three days that we attended the Festival International de Louisiane in Lafayette (LA) we attended full sets of a few groups as opposed to spending brief periods of time at each of the six stages where groups were performing.

One of the groups that provided an educational accompaniment to their playing was the one presented by Louisiana Folks Roots: International Fiddle Summit w/ David Greely and Guests. Each of the four fiddlers spoke about a musical piece and then played that song.

David Greely

Olivier Demers

Mitch Reed

Dennis Stroughmatt

As we moved among the venues, we caught bits of the performances of other participants.
Mia Borders, soul/funk artist from Louisiana

Brother Dege, Delta Blues performer on the dobro from Louisiana

One stage featured individual artists and included a program called Spoken Word. Here poets, two of whom are shown in the photos below, presented their work.

The photos below captured scenes from the Festival's food tents, play areas, general crowd scenes, and Festival booths.

Last year's attendance for the five-day Festival was estimated at 400,000, and the reports that we heard were that this year's attendance was even greater.

The message above reads: "Nature/Nurture Either Way It's Your Parents' Fault"

The emergency medical service personnel (above) were available to administer assistance when needed.

The scope of the preparation for this Festival is amazing; the crowds were easy-going; and the performers were outstanding. A successful

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