Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Glendale's Murphy Park Lights

We continue our walk through Murphy Park, which is the center of the two-month "Glendale Glitters" festival in Glendale, AZ.

The tall town clock marking the park's entrance is very visible to the 45,000 cars which pass the park each day.

Because the park lies at the center of the shopping and business areas, people usually choose to walk through the park rather than just along the sidewalks as they shop the downtown.

At some point during my walk around any large show, such as the festival of lights here, I start to think about dissecting the finished product.
Such was the case as I admired the decorations of the 100+ trees in the park. The one below was my turning point--the point where I changed from admiring the display to thinking to myself: "How many lights are on this tree below?" "How did they wrap the lights around the tree in a relatively uniform weave?"
"How long does it take to decorate the trees?" "How long does it take to take all the decorations down?"
"How is the overall decorating plan--what colors to place where, what trees to highlight--developed?"

Hearing the Christmas carols played by this quartet brought me back to admiring the display of the season.

Carriage rides topped off the evening--they seemed to fit so well into the mood of the lights....
If only there had been even a dusting of snow.
Well done, Glendale.