Saturday, April 26, 2014

Art Around Galveston

In the brochure identifying the art located around the city of Galveston, Texas is the following:
"Public art does more than decorate the spaces we share. It informs and enhances our sense of community. It links us across time to the imaginative work of previous generations."

Below are some examples of the city's art, covering a range of artistic themes.
Sculptor, Arthur Williams; 1967

This welded and pressed steel sculpture is coated with lustrous dark brown automotive lacquer.

Dignified Resignation
Sculptor, Louis Amateis; erected 1912

This bronze sculpture depicts a Confederate soldier after defeat.

Mural by Roederer and Weber; 1905

Three-panel mural of Texas historic motifs
Painted by Cara Moore, 2001

Sculptor, David Adickes

This oversized cornet of white concrete over a steel skeleton served as a stage prop at the New Orleans World’s Fair before being placed in Galveston in 1986.

Sculptor, Louis Amateis; 1900

Dedicated on San Jacinto Day (April 1, 1900), this monument honors the heroes of Texas Independence. A 22-foot high bronze figure of Victory (cast by Nelli Foundry in Rome) sits on a 50-foot granite pedestal.

Two examples of the many murals on the fences and walls of St. Vincent’s House.

Tarpon, segmented steel fish
Artist, Dwight Brown; 1995

Trompe L’Oeil
Artist, Richard Haas, 1976

Decorating the façade of two otherwise plain buildings, these faux cornices and window ledges date from the 1976 Bicentennial.

Chess Board
Designed by Edwin A. Eubanks; 1994

The oversize chessboard is paint on concrete with accompanying imported chess pieces.

Compass Rose
This is a terrazzo representation of a nautical compass.

I thought these last two examples of advertisements on a brick wall were interesting.