Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Completing the Silk Stocking District

We could not cover all the homes listed in the self-guided walking tour of the Silk Stocking National Historic District in one day. This entry covers our third and last day of our tour.

It was both enjoyable and educational thanks in large part to the willingness of some of the residents we met to tell us about their homes.
Neo-Georgian style brick-faced country house, c. 1927

I had the chance to talk with the owner of the home below, and he mentioned that the original owner of his home built the three homes
shown below for two of his daughters. One of the daughters built the home on the far left as a rental property.
In the course of the conversation, he also mentioned the ghost in his home. He told the story of a ghost tour that was passing by his home one evening. He saw many members of the tour taking photos of a window in his home. He later contacted the tour guide who told him that the group was photographing a ghost which appeared in the window.
Classic Revival, c. 1900

Queen Anne, c. 1883

Queen Anne, c. 1883

The sidewalk in front of the home above was itself a showpiece.

Raised three-bay-wide cottage, c. 1850's, rebuilt in 1885

The Vaiani Building, corner-store building type, c. 1912

The chamfered corner entrance and the extremely wide canopy on two streets are characteristics of the type of corner building.
Queen Anne, c. 1904

In our walks around the Silk Stocking District, I began trying to identify historic homes before referring to the guide. I was sure the home
above would be on the list of historic homes. But it was not.

In fact, it was among the many homes on the Island that had been well-maintained or restored and could well have been classified as historic.
Queen Anne, c. 1904

I had a brief conversation with the owner of the home below. This conversation, too, turned to the home's ghost. She told the story about the day that she took a stand and told the ghost that she and her family were going to stay there and would not tolerate "pranks."

Later she had someone who investigated ghost experiences tell her (after talking with the ghost) that the ghost was pleased that the owner was growing bananas.
Queen Anne, c. 1908

Queen Anne, c. 1908

This sculpture (below) in the front yard of the home above is entitled "Enchanted Garden."

Mission Revival style, c. 1907

Prairie School, c. 1915

Vernacular gable front, c. 1914

Mediterranean, c. 1914


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