Monday, June 16, 2014

Biloxi's "Church of the Fishermen"

It was overcast--an effect that would become important to note--the day we decided to act upon the suggestion of several local Biloxi (MS) residents. At their urgings, we stopped at "the cylindrical church with its scalloped shell roof."
St. Michael Catholic Church

"In 1964 the parish built its iconic waterfront structure, continuing to use the original building (built in 1917) for Parish meetings and events. In 1969, the Parish suffered two devastating blows: Hurricane Camille wreaked havoc on its new facility and fire completely destroyed the old."
The Day Chapel with a statue of St. Michael the Archangel

"The Day Chapel is a small replica of the main church. Weekday masses are held here."

We took a short walk around the main church in a slight drizzle and photographed the windows from the outside.
The images that appeared on the windows when viewed from the outside gave no indication of the brilliance of the images and designs when inside.
When we entered the church, I thought the sun had suddenly appeared through the rain clouds, but it hadn't. I tried to imagine how much more intense the colors of the windows would be on a bright sunny day,...but I couldn't.
"The new sanctuary was a 'one-of-a-kind structure of architectural brilliance.' A cylindrical march of intricate stained glass around the entire perimeter, it casts beams of sunlight no matter the time of day."

Beginning at the altar, the next seven photos present a 360 degree view of the windows.
"The stained glass windows, designed by Francis Deck of St. Louis are not intended to be viewed or interpreted individually, but as a single whole unit flowing around the church embracing and involving those present.
"It is Christ, himself, stretching out his arms from the altar in the person of his followers with their hearts to gather in the faithful they will meet when they leave the sacred liturgy.
"There are 21 faces depicted in the stained glass. These are men and women with nets outstretched, gathering, inviting, nurturing the bountiful catch in the name of Jesus. This engages the viewer in the ongoing relation of the Church."
"St. Michael withstood winds over 200 miles per hour when Hurricane Katrina blew through in August 2005. As waters rushed through the gaping windows, the church was literally washed of all its contents, leaving only piles of debris and destruction. But the building itself remained defiantly, as did the upper portions of its tranquil stained glass.
"In the wake of the hurricane, the people of St. Michael banned together and walked a long road of restoration.
...(U)ltimately they were able to put together their beloved puzzle, one stained glass piece at a time. Break-away protective windows were constructed to wash inward in case of future storms and the lower 15 feet of stained glass can be safely and quickly hoisted up to allow the water its unrestrained flow.
"This architectural masterpiece now has its mechanical touch of brilliance to match its aesthetic show of brilliance" (The Church's brochure).

A look at some of the details tomorrow.


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