Friday, June 20, 2014

Real Time, Blog Time

We have operated in two time frames throughout the duration of our travels--one is real time and the other is blog time.
For example, in real time, we have just arrived in Asheville, North Carolina, after a drive from Nashville, Tennessee. In blog time, we are traveling from south of Birmingham, Alabama, to Nashville.

If you follow that, it is understandable that the first question we are asked when talking to family and friend readers is: "Where are you?"
So, we arrived in Asheville following a drive that was longer (about 320 miles) than we like to schedule, we lost an hour going from the Central to Eastern time zone, and we had to set up the RV in a shower.
But to switch to blog time (which allow us to store up topics to write about for those rainy days, laundry and shopping days, or just lounging days), we had been watching the weather closely as we prepared to head to Nashville.
The day before we were to begin the second leg of our travel from Biloxi, Mississippi, to Nashville, we had seen a news story about a tractor trailer being blown off the road because of high winds.

Our travel day began with a forecast of thunderstorms, but only light to moderate winds.
As you can see from the photos, we could see conditions developing for some serious rain. And rain it did. Buckets.
Fortunately, the downpour did not last long; unfortunately, there was at least one accident along the drive.

Now after a good night's sleep, we will begin our real time touring of Asheville, while writing about our blog time tour of Nashville.

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